Ceylon Onion flowers harvested

Ceylon Onion flower

These are flower shoots from the Ceylon Onions.

There is a huge demand amongst the Canadian Tamil population.  Currently, a bunch is being sold upto $10 at the Canadian Tamil Grocery stores.

Demand is being met through imports from Carribbean and South Asia but freshness is a key issue for the consumers.

These shoots can be chopped up to top salads, soups or sauteed for Chinese/Thai recipes.

Canadian Tamils make a sauteed spicy curry out of these shoots and a very popular item among the vegetarians.

We harvested over 20 bundles from our Brampton, Napanee, Scarborough lots.

Our mothers were delighted to have these in their menu and have been demanding for more.

Since these onions are short term(60 days) varieties, we are planning on doing a fall crop planting of another round next week.

It is a success on our list and we believe it can be grown locally to meet the local market demands.

6 Responses to “Ceylon Onion flowers harvested”

  1. Ram says:

    Wow… they look fresh! What are the health benefits from eating these?

  2. T. Farmer says:

    Hey Ram,

    it has all the benefits of onion without the strong taste.

    I like to sprinkle chopped up onion shoots on my hot and sour soup.

    And no, chopping these shoots won’t make you cry. :)

    T. Farmer

  3. Ram says:

    Thanks T.Farmer for your information… I will definitely try your recipe out…

  4. Articulos says:

    I like your blog….

    Where is your Rss feed?…

  5. Joanne says:

    Is it just Ceylon onion shoots that are so popular? I grow a lot of onions and would be interested in trying this as well. Where do you farm in Napanee? I am in Bath, we have a CSA and we go to Bath Sunday Market as well.

  6. ENF says:

    Hi Joanne,

    Our Napanee plot is in the village of Marlbank. We grow the flowers for the South Asian and Asian market in GTA. Ceylon onion is a shallot variety and currently being imported to meet the demand. For this season, we will be doing 2 acres of this variety. This year, we are running 30 CSAs and Milton/Brampton farmer’s markets.

    Thanks for you comments,

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