Low tunnel greenhouse Mentorship

Our neighbor farmers trying out the low tunnel

We built this green house by recycling all the old parts. This is the first year for us in a Green house environment and it has been a tremendous expereince.

We have donated 25% of the green house to other interested farmers with no green house experience.  Currently, we have two farmers testing out the green house to see if a green house is a smart business investment for them.

Here is Mr. and Mrs. Ramnarine’s bed inside the green house.  They are testing with Bitter gourd, pole beans, spinach and lettuce.

To the left we have Mr. and Mrs. Manweet with their spinach for their market.

3 Responses to “Low tunnel greenhouse Mentorship”

  1. Rahul says:

    Nice trellis

  2. Desi-Man says:

    Do you allow more spaces for test crops on your green house? I don’t mind testing some south asian plants there. I love all the varities of south asian crops you guys are growing.

    • ENF says:

      Hi Desiman,

      Unfortunately, we have allocated all the extra space to 3 other test croppers.
      You can attempt to build a small green house in your backyard using pvc pipes and just regular plastic to grow the war lovers.

      ENF Team

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