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Season 2011 Warm Lovers Started

Season 2011 Warm Lovers Started

We have been very busy planning out 2011 farming season.  We will be farming up to 10 acres with 80 varieties of mixed vegetables.   We got an exciting line up of heirloom, organic and exotic global vegetables. We will also have 3 green houses to extend our season.  We are expanding our CSAs from 5 to 25 and starting two farmers’ market locations as well. Here is a section of the seeds.  These seeds are already [Read More...]

Thakali Tomato damaged by whiteworm

Most of the damage of the fruits happened on the Thakali tomato variety! These tomato seeds are from the Island of Eelam and we grew them in our basement grow rack and transplanted them on May 24 weekend. We have removed the fruits and disposed of them far from the farm fields. When you cut open this fruit, you can see the white worm hiding inside. These tomatoes are new to the environment and haven’t developed strong [Read More...]
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