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Vanni Long Bean seeds

Vanni Long Bean seeds

We initially started with few seeds we got from a backyard gardener in Markham. We harvested around 10 lbs of the beans from 20 plants or so.  These plants like water and our once every 10 day watering inside the green house didn’t really suit them.  But they still produced good and we let the mature ones to dry. We will plant them again next year in the green house once in May and then once in July to maximize production. They [Read More...]
Vanni Long Beans in the Low Tunnel green house

Vanni Long Beans in the Low Tunnel green house

We planted these from the seeds we got from our Markham Backyard gardening friend. We have already done multiple harvest and they just keep on producing. It is definitely on our list for next year. People who tried our Brampton grown Vanni long beans all agreed on the unbeatable fresh taste compared to the imported products. The matured beans with seeds are usually not used to make curries.  It has to be harvested at the [Read More...]

Baby Vanni Long Green Beans inside green house

The seeds are from Markham backyard. We planted them middle of June and they are thriving in the hot green house. They have beautiful and interesting flowers and the beans can reach 2 feets! Our team is waiting for the first opportunity to enjoy these beans. They can be tossed on salads, added to soups.  It is a popular curry item as well.

Vanni long beans thriving inside the green house

Our team member’s father provided the seeds from his Markham backyard garden. We planted them middle of June inside the hoop house.  As you can see, they are loving the heat and growing furiously. We saw some flowers but no beans yet.  There is a huge demand for these beans in GTA region and they are currently being imported from South Asia. These beans can grow upto 2 feet in length. Our interns helped with tying [Read More...]
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