How we grow?

We use sustainable, natural, organic, biodynamic, permaculture, Native American, Armish, Mennonite, Tamil and conventional techniques to grow global food locally. We do not use synthetic pesticide or fertilizer in our system.  We use natural compost and natural methods to grow our food.  We also have experience in farming and living during economic sanctions and many of those ideas will be transfered and tweaked for our Southern Ontario environment.

We respect our environment  and take every step to preserve it.  We  use micro managed urban plots as well as macro managed rural plots to better serve the local global food demand with affordable locally grown natural healthy foods. Please support the local farmers and keep the dollar local during these tough economic times.

Some of us in the ENF team has food processing and cooking experience.  We will attempt food preserving through natural methods and develop global recipes to add extra values to our produce.

For detailed information on our ever changing farming techniques, please follow our blog.  Also, feel free to ask your questions through our comments feature.  We love to answer natural farming questions and have many great resources to point you toward.

Our Basement Grow Rack built using recycled materials.

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