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Jaffna Eggplant (Brinjal) still producing….

Jaffna Eggplant (Brinjal) still producing….

Jaffna Eggplan (Brinjal) These plants are still producing inside the green house.  They are almost 4 feet tall. They are only watered every 10 days but keep on giving.  Each plant so far averaged over 10 eggplants and still going at it. This particular plant was almost got killed by the Potato Beetles but our squishing abilities saved the plant and got rid of the beetles for good. Usually two of these eggplants will go for [Read More...]
Jaffna Brinjal in Brampton Outside Lot

Jaffna Brinjal in Brampton Outside Lot

Jaffna Brinjal (Eggplant) We started these South Asian Brinjals from seed in our basement grow rack. We planted them inside the low tunnel green house and outside. Low Tunnel Brinjal plants are much bigger in size and each have over 5 or so brinjals.  We have been harvesting the green house Brinjals for our team’s family usage. The outdoor Brinjals are finally picking up! The best way to enjoy Brinjals is by slicing [Read More...]

Jaffna Brinjal(Eggplant) in Brampton

Jaffna Brinjal in our Green house Jaffna Brinjal is a variety of Indian egg plants.  It is a very popular item among the South Asian population. Each is sold for over $2 but getting them fresh is always a challenge since they are imported from South Asia and Carribbean. We developed the seeds from backyards and used our basement grow rack to grow them. Planted these ones inside hoop house on second week of May and the outside [Read More...]

Jaffna (Brinjal) eggplant with potato beetles

Jaffna (Brinjal) Eggplant with potato beetles(before) Same plant after hand squishing and soap water spray treatment(after) This is in our Brampton green house.  We initially had 3 plants infected. We squished as many as possible and had soap water sprayed twice. They moved to another row of eggplants but we kept hand squishing them into extinction. We haven’t seen any on our eggplants in the last two weeks.
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