What is CSA?

Community Shared Agriculture(CSA) is a unique business model.   It is a fast growing procurement model in the organic food sector.  Customers buy a share in the farming operation in the Spring and the farmer supplies them with weekly food box of “seasonal” produce and food items.   In Southern Ontario, the CSAs start June 15 and ends in October 15.  Local farmers also have Winter CSAs, Meat CSAs and even Cheese CSAs.   The customer or stockholder also shares the risk from weather and pests with the farmer.

CSA has many benefits attached to it.  Customers know where they are getting their food and how it is grown.  Customers get the freshest local food products.  The dollar stays local instead of travelling to California, Chile, Mexico and China where 80% of Canadian organic food is imported from.  Local farmers get a capital boost in the spring to jump start their farming operations as well.

In 2010, Eeelam Natural Foods only sold 5 CSA shares to fund raise for operations.

If you are interested or would like to learn more about CSA, please use the contact form below:


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