Who we are?

Who We are?
We are nine family and friends whom are addicted to the taste of local food and concerned about our environment and economy.  We are growing vegetables and herbs using sustainable and natural farming methods to get the best local food.  We believe good healthy food is pre-emptive medicine. We are all engineering and computer science graduates from University of Guelph.  We all work full time for Canada’s top Ten IT, Insurance, Bank, Food and Public institutions.

All of us migrated during late 1980s from the South Asian Island of Eelam(2000 BC), Ilankai(2000 BC) Serendip(2000 BC), Ceylon(1500 AD), Sri Lanka(1972), Pearl of Indian Ocean(always).  We all grew in the rural areas and have tropical farming experience.  We are also familiar with natural farming methods and sustainable local living methods by living in several years of economic sanctions.

We have been proud Canadians since 1990s and believe that Ontarions deserve the best quality and healthy local food.  We know the current global economic woes requires a strong local economy to sustain any impacts.   Ontario has over 3 million customers for South Asian, Asian, Carribbean produce.  Currently, this demand is being supplied through import from several thousands of kilometers away.

Due to the recent food contamination scares, the food safety of these imported foods are a major concern for the Canadian consumers.   Food Tracebility is a challenge when the products are coming from thousands of miles away.  The high fuel costs are making these imported products much more expensive and increasing the carbon footprint.

Eelam Natural Foods is an attempt to design an innovative sustainable local food and healthy living model suited for our environment.   We have been developing over 20 global varieties of vegetables such as Ceylon onions, Vanni long beans, Oor spinach, Trinco tropical tomatoes, Paavai Bitter gourd,  Poosani pumpkin, Thulasi Basil, Kalaloo, Napa Cabbage, Tat Soi, Indian Carrots and Jaffna Chillies  in our backyard, urban community and cottage gardens using natural methods without synthetic pesticide or fertilizer.

Our micro managed urban plots and macro managed cottage plots also hosts over 40 varieties of garlic, heirloom tomatoes, peppers,  onions, beans, pumpkins, herbs, mints, greens, spinach and potatoes.  All our plants are open pollinated varieties and we  try to save as much seeds as possible to make the farming system sustainable.  Our organic seeds and seedling suppliers  are all local.  We find the locally developed seed quality to be superior to the imported ones.

We all believe that we are blessed to be Canadians.    This project is an attempt to give back something to this great nation.  This blog will be a diary of our system while we attempt to build the system within 3 years.

Currently, We have macro managed quarter acre plots in Tweed and Napanee cottages with Ceylon Onions, 4 varities of garlic, potatos and corn.  We have an organic micro managed quarter acre plot in Brampton where we grow over 40 varities of vegetables and herbs.   We also are the proud owners of a 2000 sqft low tunnel sustainable recycled green house where we develop tropical global seeds and will be attempting season extension for 2010 winter.

Why the name  “Eelam Natural Foods”?

1) Most of the global seeds are from Eelam
2)Eelam is the oldest name existing for the Island
3) All 9 team members are from Eelam
4) 1.1 million South Asians recognize the name(our targeted niche market)
5) Most of us have Natural food production experience from Eelam

What is our vision?
Innovative Canadian farmers and mentors serving the local market with foods that are produced naturally and sustainabily.

What is our mission?
Our mission is to grow year around fresh and quality global foods locally using sustainable natural farming methods.

Reduce the reliance on imports for Canadian global food demand through our innovative research and development on sustainable farming challenges and by global seed development  .

We attempt to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling and using low tunnel greenhouses to extend the growing season.

We mentor through knowledge transfer of our sucess stories and through distribution of locally developed global seeds.

Our Goals for 2010(Year 1):

1) Grow Canadian and Global foods/herbs for our team’s families

2) Sell 5 Community Shared Agriculture(CSA) shares to cover the expenses

3) Distribute free produce to our family and friends whom are cancer survivors  and pregnant mothers .

4) Any excess food items to be donated to University of Guelph Central Student Association Foodbank.

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